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Is University still an option for me if I choose to do VCE VM?

You will not be able to apply to go directly to University from school after having completed a VCE VM because you will not receive an ATAR. If you wish to do this, you need to obtain an ATAR by completing a standard VCE program. However, it is worth noting that for many students pursuing further study at TAFE, and then applying later to University, is a more successful process which enables them to be better prepared for the challenges of tertiary study or employment.


Will my classes only have VCE VM students in them?

The compulsory VM units such as PDS and WRS are only open to VM students, however, all other subject areas are open to all students.


What is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and it involves students enrolling in a Certificate II level TAFE course. This is completed one day per week as part of the VCE VM program. Students have access to huge range of certificate course across multiple institutions.


Is VCE VM just a VCAL certificate?

No. The way the VCE VM is being implemented at RSC is totally new. The purpose of this program is to give students greater capacity to blend both vocational and academic studies.


Still have questions?

Book in to speak with a member of the Senior Pathways team.

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