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What does a VCAL program at Rowville typically look like?

At both Intermediate/Year 11 and Year 12/Senior students will complete VCAL subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Development at school 3 days per week, will attend TAFE 1 day a week (Industry Specific Skills) and a have an opportunity to complete structured work place learning (work experience). Students must complete a VET course and must complete time in the work place, through structured workplace learning (SWL) or part time employment. VCAL is suited to students who like to learn by doing – more practical.


What do I need to do to successfully obtain my VCAL?

A student must successfully obtain 10 credits. A credit is awarded for each unit (100 hours of study in a semester). Students must obtain 2 credits in each of the 5 strands. The strands are Literacy, Numeracy, Industry Specific (TAFE)*, Work Related (SWL/employment) and Personal Development.

*Industry Specific Strand (TAFE): hours creditably are obtained by completing individual competencies units successfully. Each unit will have a hour number assigned to it. These will need to add up to  minimum of 180 hours = 2 unit credits.


Which students should choose VCAL

  • Those who have strong time management skills and can independently manage school, placement and TAFE. Support will be provided however these are 3 separate components.
  • Those who enjoy applied learning and some theoretical study.
  • Those who can work and learn independently.
  • Those who would like to trial one or more industries.
  • Those who wish to be ready to go into the workforce.


What is a VET subject?

Vocational education and training provide the opportunity for students to gain a nationally recognised qualification and workplace experience and skills, while at school. There are supported courses that contribute to your VCAL certificate and clarification of these can be supplied by our Careers Team.


What is the difference between a VET certificate undertaken at TAFE and VET certificate undertaken at Rowville?

They are both recognised as the same qualification just delivered differently. One at Rowville Secondary College with our staff, and external VET courses are provided through TAFE and other course providers. These are separate entities to Rowville Secondary College.



Students with no clear direction

  • When a student is unsure of their pathway encourage them to make an appointment with the Careers or Pathways Managers.


Choosing a senior school pathway

  • Does not mean committing to a career
  • It does mean – exploring interests, abilities and aptitude.
  • It also means – making connections to occupational areas and researching pathways to these occupations
  • Students undertaking VCAL MUST choose a applicable VET course
  • Students applying for the SBAT program do NOT apply for a VET course through the school, their VET enrolments are organised once their apprenticeship/traineeship is confirmed. Please stress to these students that they should NOT download the paperwork which is required from other VET applicants. Students who wish to apply for the SBAT program must complete 2 weeks of work experience with 2 separate employers in their chosen field by the end of Term 3, otherwise they will NOT qualify for selection.


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