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What apprenticeships/traineeships are available to SBAT students?

Students can select from the full suite of SBAT pathways. Speak to a member of the SBAT team for a complete list of supported industries.


Is SBAT still an option if I am undecided on my preferred industry for my apprenticeship or traineeship?

Yes. Students who are not yet ready to commit to a specific apprenticeship or traineeship can still enroll in the SBAT pathway. Students can commence the school component and will be supported to work towards identifying and trialing their preferred industry.


What happens if I lose my employer?

Students who struggle to find an employer, or who loose their employer at any time, are supported by our expert SBAT team to source a new employer.


Why am I only at school 2 days per week?

Students in SBAT need to balance school, TAFE and work. The school component of SBAT is undertaken intensively 2 days per week. This is the tried and tested model that best supports students to balance all components of the program.


Why is SBAT only available in the GE program?

SBAT can only be undertaken in GE because the specialisms and coaching offered in RIA, RSA and MSA cannot be accessed if undertaking SBAT. Students are supported to transfer to GE if they are currently enrolled in RIA, RSA or MSA but wish to pursue SBAT.


Still have questions?

Book in to speak with a member of the Senior Pathways team.


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