Frequently Asked Questions | General Excellence | Year 12

  1. Which students should choose Head Start?


  • Those who have a passion for working in a particular industry.
  • Those who want to commence employment but are not ready to leave school.
  • Those who want to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship before they end of Year 12.
  • Those students who have completed a week of work experience in their chosen industry with 2 different employers i.e. a total of 2 weeks work experience. To be completed prior to interview with Head Start.
  • Those who at this stage of their lives do not want to study for a higher qualification at university straight after completing Year 12.
  • Those who are well organised and are prepared to commit to the 3 components of the program – school, TAFE and employment.



  1.  What is the school component of my Head Start pathway?


  • In the majority of cases this will be a non-scored VCE pathway at school, therefore no ATAT. The difference is the outside of school TAFE and work component for apprenticeship or traineeship with an arranged training plan is organised through Head Start.



  1.  Does Rowville SC find employment for students wanting to undertake Head Start?


  • Head Start manages the apprenticeship or traineeship program for Rowville and supports students during their studies but students need to supply a list of possible employers in the industry they are interested in and in a location that are accessible for them.
  • Head Start provides a list of industries they provide support in each year.

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