Year 9

Maths & Science Academy  – Course Selection Guidelines Year 9

Students in Year 9 will complete two elective subjects for the year – one six period unit per semester.

Students should focus on their own individual interests and abilities when making their choices.

These are selected from from three learning areas; HumanitiesArts and Design & Technologies.

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  • Making Choices – An Introduction to Economics | Humanities

    This subject explores how consumers, businesses and governments interact in the Australian economy and also how Australia takes its place in the global economy by looking at advertising, production methods and trade (imports/exports). The performance of the Australian economy is investigated in terms of current goals and recent economic data, including unemployment. It also explores how markets operate, which includes a class simulation activity.

  • You and The Law – Legal Studies | Humanities

    This subject allows students to explore what their rights and responsibilities are according to the law. The role of the police and their powers are examined and the rights of individuals and the police are compared and contrasted. The need for law is considered and students question the difference between rules and laws. The procedures used in the Children’s Court and the Magistrates’ Court will be analysed. Juvenile crime and justice is a major focus of the course with students investigating a range of youth issues including drugs and the law, gangs, graffiti, vandalism, shop stealing and road laws.

  • Popular Culture and Youth Trends | Humanities

    This unit examines the main vehicles of popular culture – television, film, fashion and music. In the exploration of popular culture and how it reflects society, students will look into a selection of themes from the following topics: rap music, youth culture, violence in the media, censorship, marketing and fashion trends. Additionally, the impact that immigration has had on pop culture and youth trends is investigated. This analysis assists students in developing an understanding and awareness of how the culture embraced conveys the attitudes, beliefs and practices of contemporary society.

  • Drama | Arts | Curriculum Contribution $25.00

    This subject aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills individually and collaboratively to make, perform and appreciate dramatic and theatrical works. Students will take on roles as a means of exploring both scripted and self- devised performance work. Exploring a range of themes and ideas from different theatre styles students will engage in creative experiences that challenge them to develop their acting and performance skills, as well as teamwork skills.

  • Media | Arts | Curriculum Contribution $30.00

    This subject is an introduction to Media that includes video production, print media and digital photography. Students will be introduced to media editing programs like Photoshop, IMovie and Garageband. Developing skills using these programs, students will create their own media products. A photographic folio will be created and several short films. These products will be created individually and in groups. The work of photographers and directors will be explored to understand styles and techniques. A range of topics will be examined by looking at different film styles such as suspense films, comedies, animations, advertising and the internet including YouTube. Students will develop skills and knowledge in practical and theoretical activities.

  • Music | Arts | Curriculum Contribution $25.00

    Students choosing this subject will study and play a wide variety of musical styles. Students work individually and in small groups and will be required to play a musical instrument or sing as part of assessment items. Students will study form and style along with continuing to develop skills in music theory. They will also write their own music using traditional instruments and/or music technology.

  • Dance | Arts | Curriculum Contribution $25.00

    Students will be provided with opportunities to experience and enjoy dance as an art form as they perform, compose and appreciate dance works from a range of styles and genres. Students will study an integrated course where the skills and practices of performance, compositions and analysis are developed. Working on technique development through practical workshops and learning a whole class dance, this course enables students to express ideas creatively and to communicate ideas and themes physically through the development of their own personal movement vocabulary.

  • Arts and Visual Communication Design | Arts | Curriculum Contribution $30.00

    This subject focuses on the design and production of a range of visual art works using the elements and principles of art and design. Students will investigate a selection of the materials, techniques and processes used by artists and designers. A range of two and three-dimensional art forms will be explored, such as freehand and technical drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. Students will employ and evaluate strategies to promote personal learning whilst exploring the similarities and differences between art and design.

  • Design Technologies – Food | Design and Technologies | Curriculum Contribution $100.00

    The aim of this unit is to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to be able to produce good quality food products in a safe and hygienic manner. Students are taught the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food. Students also use the design process to plan meals on a budget and for particular celebrations.

  • Digital Technologies | Design and Technologies

    This elective introduces students to the basics of networked digital systems and data security between hardware, software and users. Students will develop an understanding of object-oriented programming, designing and testing constructions. Students will use computational thinking applying protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful communications and collaboration with known and unknown audiences. Key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and development will be used to create digital solutions.

  • Fashion and Design | Design and Technologies | Curriculum Contribution $50.00

    This elective introduces the students to an exciting range of traditional and technical skills associated with design and production. Creative skills and the more advanced practical skills of zip insertion, buttonholes, darts and pockets are covered throughout the design and production of various products. Students are required to complete set tasks in the areas of design and evaluation. Students investigate and make judgements on the ethical and sustainable production and marketing of fibres also looking into the changing aspects of fashion. Students will be required to provide their own material supplies (fabric and patterns) for their negotiated practical projects in this subject.

  • Design, Technology and Engineering | Design and Technologies | Curriculum Contribution $45.00

    Students will investigate the properties of materials, apply design and systems thinking and design processes to investigate, generate and refine ideas, plan and manage, produce and evaluate designed solutions.


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