Year 9

Rowville Institutes of the Arts –  Course Selection Guidelines Year 9

Students in Year 9 can select 2 electives.

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  • Dance Styles | Broad Arts

    In this elective students will explore a range of dance styles from different times and cultures. They will learn a range of technical skills and movements as well as developing a basic understanding of the history and context of each style. Students will apply their understanding and knowledge and build their own choreographic skills as they produce a range of different dance works in various dance styles. The students will also develop a strong kinaesthetic awareness and muscle memory as they learn different dance works in their exploration of dance styles.

  • Musical Theatre | Broad Arts

    In Musical Theatre students will learn the basics of dance and in a Broadway style and explore how to create characters for the stage. Students will develop their technical dance skills through practically engaging in a variety of technique classes and learning choreographed routines. They will develop acting techniques and understand how to manipulate their expressive skills to create a range of characters. They will learn Musical Theatre history and discover a variety of musicals from the golden oldies to this year’s Tony Award winners. This course is designed for all ability levels and to cater for those performers who want to hone their acting and movement skills.

  • Screen Acting | Broad Arts

    In this elective, students will develop their skills and understanding in screen acting in front of and behind the camera. They will explore and study a range of films and actors that use a range of different acting techniques to create and realise multiple roles. Students will learn the art of understated acting and how this contrasts to stage acting. This subject provides students with the opportunity to rehearse, memorise and present a range of scripts in front of a camera. These performances will be recorded for students to watch their work back for self critique and to use this to further develop their screen acting skills. As well as performing in front of the camera, students will learn the basics of how to operate a camera to film one another. While this elective does not require any prior acting experience, it does require hard work and dedication to get the best out of this class.

  • A Media Odyssey | Broad Arts

    Students will gain an understanding of new technologies that are at the forefront of media productions such as green screen, 6K mirror-less cameras, sensor technology, 3D, animation, 3D modelling, and game-based technologies. Students will experiment with technology in interactive and online media. This subject will expose students to industry standard production. Students will get the chance to connect with industry partners to create media works for an authentic audience. Students with interests across the entire field of Arts will be able to bring their passions and strengths into the subject. They will develop skills in software and hardware that will embolden their creativity. Students will be able to refine their speciality while working alongside others in a team-based collaboration, connecting to the real-world industry process.

  • Short Film Production | Broad Arts

    Students will develop their practical skills in the area of filmmaking. Students will develop their understanding of different camera techniques and how to manipulate the camera for different effects. Students will study the application of camera technique, production elements and codes and conventions in film. Students will then work in groups to manage an extended film project. They will research and develop a detailed concept and complete the relevant pre-production planning. They will schedule and run their own principal photography, completing specified production roles. They will conduct post-production editing and reshoots, and they will design and manage the distribution and presentation of their film. Students will develop skills in film making, time management, collaboration and folio management.

  • Music Performance | Broad Arts

    This is an elective designed for students who learn an instrument and are interested in developing their ensemble, performance and musicianship skills. Students selecting this subject will be studying topics including: basic music theory, aural training, music analysis, technical works/exercises as well as performance practice. Students develop their ensemble performance skills through the development of repertoire, and look at the essential requirements of how to become a professional musician. Classwork will focus on specific techniques relating to their chosen instrument, playing in an ensemble as well as working on music theory skills. Assessments will require students to perform on their instrument in a small group and sit music theory exams. The aim of completing this elective is to prepare and give insight to students looking into doing VCE Music Performance unit 1 and 2.

    It is a prerequisite for this subject that each student is currently learning a musical instrument.

  • 2D & 3D Visual Art | Broad Arts

    In this elective students focus on creating a range of 2D & 3D visual art works by exploring a variety of themes, issues and ideas. Students will experiment with and apply skills relevant to various materials, techniques and processes studied in two and three dimensional art forms, such as drawing, painting, collage, installation and multi-media creations.

  • Art in History | Broad Arts

    This course asks students to see the world through the eyes of artists. The Arts reflect society. They are the first area consulted when learning the history of cultures and peoples because they present through context, the great events and ideas of the times in tandem with all areas of the human experience. These works transcend language barriers and broaden our understanding of the people of different times and cultures. We will be looking at historical events of the 20th century that have impacted the social and political times, and discuss how these have been presented in the visual and performing arts.

  • Creative Audio Production | Broad Arts

    In Creative Audio Production students get hands-on experience learning the process of creating, recording, producing and mixing original music. Students will develop their understanding of recording studio processes such as microphone types, recording techniques, the stereo field, and general studio decorum. In the production phase students will focus on writing and editing with digital audio workstations (Ableton Live and/or Garageband), using plugins for world-class sound production, and mixing recordings for public release. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn practical skills in how music can be written, recorded and produced for a range of media including film, podcasts, Youtube, and traditional popular music. No prior musical instrument skill is required, but a passion for sound and music is a must.

  • Industry Collab | Broad Arts

    In Industry Collab students are required to work beyond the classroom to engage with the arts community, industry and issues (community and /or industry). Students will develop their understanding of real-world community and/or industry arts practices as well as developing the soft skills required to be a practicing artist in any field. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to engage with the broader community, to seek and document industry engagement or to bring demanding extra-curricular activities into the classroom.

  • Food As Art | Broad Arts

    Students will explore and extend their creativity as they learn the art of cookery. In this elective, students will learn the safety and hygiene as they prepare themselves to be creative in the kitchen. Students will explore decorations and develop their own cover for a Food magazine. They will follow the ‘Design Process’ to investigate, design, generate ideas and produce their delicious dish and then become the production managers as they photograph and shoot their cover.

    This elective is designed for students who wish to extend their knowledge of cooking, whilst exploring their creative flair.

  • Theatrical Make Up & Design | Broad Arts

    In this elective students will blend the worlds of visual and performing arts. Students will learn the basics of make up including design and application for theatrical contexts. They will develop knowledge and skills in understanding skin types, facial shapes, make-up products and how to create looks for a range of clients. From learning the history of theatrical make up to understanding the basics of makeup application, students will explore theatrical make-up looks including: aging people, wound and scar creation and animal and non-human characters. Students will use their knowledge and understanding to research, design and apply their own creative make-up designs. This elective is perfect for those students who love creating art, painting, and even Cosplay!

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