Year 9

Rowville Institutes of the Arts –  Course Selection Guidelines Year 9

Students in Year 9 will complete four four period elective subjects for the year – two per semester.

Students will also undertake two six period electives per year – one per semester.

Broad Arts electives – two per year, one per semester.


Four Period Electives

  • Students must select at least one choice from each of humanities and science. May select LOTE as a year long elective.
  • Pick 4 electives, 2 per semester.

Six Period Electives

  • Students must select from Health & PE and technology.
  • Pick 2 electives, 1 per semester.

Broad Arts

  • Choose two electives from Dance Styles, Musical Thearte, Screen Acting, Media Odyssey, Art in History, Creative Audio Production, Industry Collab, Food as Art.

Students should focus on their own individual interests and abilities when making their choices within the structure of a broad program of learning. Please ensure you read the descriptors listed below prior to making your selections.

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  • FOUR PERIOD: Italian | LOTE

    Want to discover the Ancient Sidewalks of Rome? How about cruising down the Canals of Venice? Want to shop to till you drop in Milan? Are you interested in learning about an ancient classic culture? Get prepared for a life rich in cultural adventure by learning Italian so you are ready for your post-school travels!

    Italian Language is for students who wish to expand their range and control of linguistic systems and to further develop their language use. Students will experiment with a range of communication modes. They further develop their competency in the language by working on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In developing their communication skills, students are able to demonstrate comprehension of written and spoken material and communicate ideas through conversation and writing.

    Italian Language will take up two elective choices.


  • FOUR PERIOD: Business and Economics – Game of Life | Humanities

    Do you have what it takes to win in the ‘Game of Life’? Do you have the skills ready for the world of work and finance? Are you confident in evaluating and making life choices? Decisions…decisions….decisions…. Let’s take a journey together through life as we develop our knowledge and skills in making wise financial choices through shopping excursions, Excel budgeting activities and other activities linked to real-world experiences. In exploring the working world, we will investigate the changes in workplaces as well as develop skills to prepare you for your job-seeking initiatives in the near or far future.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Geography – One Tribe: Global Connectivity | Humanities

    We are more connected than ever. Do you want to travel to Europe in under 24 hours? Eat avocados in the middle of summer? Or exploring cultures through social media? There is nothing stopping you. Our whole world is now connected. What we do in Australia can impact communities in Africa. Local events can have global impacts on our resources. Food production, fair trade, and technology connect us all. Discover how you are a global citizen in a newly connected world. Explore how your world is expanding each and every day. If you are interested in finding out how you are part of a global community, this subject is for you

  • FOUR PERIOD: History – Myths, Legends and Histories | Humanities

    How and why did people start to create stories about the past? Why are some of these stories referred to as ‘history,’ when others are classified as ‘myth’ or ‘legend’?  Join us and discover the reasons why some stories survive over centuries! Dissect the stories of Thor, outside of Marvel, and see where this God is really from! Discover Chinese mythology through the eyes of the Eight Immortals. Why not investigate the legends of King Arthur and Alinga, the Lizard Man and see how they echo through their cultures.  Are you ready to join us as we explore Myths, Legends and Histories? 

  • FOUR PERIOD: History – Power and Torture: Tudor England | Humanities

    Why did Henry VIII have so many wives? What influence did Elizabeth I have? The Tudor dynasty was a rich and dynamic part of English history that lasted more than 150 years. Investigate the power struggle between Richard III and Henry VII that led to the House of Tudor. Learn about the cultural impacts of Tudor England, their political power and how their decisions impacted the country forever. Join us as we visit the infamous torture methods this period is known for; burning at the stake, the rack, hung-drawn-and-quartered and execution. If you love history, are interested in fights over power, the fight to keep power, and the importance a royal blood line– then this subject is for you. 

  • FOUR PERIOD: Legal Studies – Criminal Investigations | Humanities

    Obsessed with true crime? In Criminal Investigations you will explore why we have laws and what happens in a society without them. Want to inspect real stories of crime from the most famous cases of murder to the still unsolved robberies?  Join us as we explore the laws protecting society from crime and the consequences of committing the most serious crimes. If you are interested in exploring the role of lawyers, defendants and judges in the criminal justice system this is the subject for you.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Biology – You can’t live without it | Science

    How can a fungus control the actions of an insect? Why do our stomachs grumble when we are hungry? What is pus and why does it get created when we get an infected wound? Why are so many different species disappearing from our planet?

    In this elective, students will cover the following topics:

    1. Ecosystems and environmental science
    2. Body systems
    3. Pathogens and Disease
  • FOUR PERIOD: Chemistry – from atoms to explosions | Science

    Curriculum Contribution $20

    What are the common building blocks for all matter in the universe? How do we get energy and what can we do with it? What is an atom and how do you make one? How dangerous are radioactive materials? What makes an explosion BIG and can we control them? What makes something acidic and is there an opposite?

    In this elective, students will cover the following topics:

    1. Beyond the atom – Protons, neutrons and electrons
    2. Chemical reactions – Rearranging atoms, reactions, acids and bases
    3. Energy – Radioactivity, combustion.
  • FOUR PERIOD: Forensics and Psychology | Science

    How does the brain control all the different parts of our body? Can an understanding of the brain help us understand the criminal mind? Can eye-witnesses report a ‘false’ memory, believing confidently that it is true? How do forensic scientists gather evidence at a crime scene to catch criminals?

    In this elective, students will cover the following topics:

    1. Brain and the nervous system- brain lobes, central and peripheral nervous system
    2. Memory – Fallibility of memory, retrieval of memories and brain regions relating to memory
    3. Forensic science – Psychopathology and the forensic scientist’s toolkit.
  • FOUR PERIOD: Physics – The mysteries of Earth and Space | Science

    Have you ever wondered how the liquid magma inside the earth creates earthquakes and volcanoes? What impact does the Earth’s climate have on the future of the human species? How did the universe begin? What is out there when you look up at the night sky?

    In this elective, students will cover the following topics:

    1. The dynamic Earth – Plate tectonic, earthquakes and volcanoes.
    2. The climate – Weather patterns, climate change and biodiversity.
    3. Space – The night sky and The Big Bang.
  • FOUR PERIOD: Change Makers | Vocational

    Are you passionate about real world issues? Would you like the opportunity to lead initiatives that can create change in our broader community?

    This semester long course will empower students to make a difference through activities and projects both within and outside our school setting. Students will also focus on the development of their interpersonal and critical and creative thinking skills to be better prepared for success in their future pathways and aspirations. In particular, students will be supported in their personal growth in areas such as: Leadership, Team Work, Planning and Decision Making.

    This subject is also designed to be an introduction to Personal Development Skills which is offered with the VCE Vocational Major pathway in the Senior School program at RSC.

  • SIX PERIOD: Digital Technologies | Design and Technologies

    Minimum requirements: Laptop device not iPad

    This elective expands on students’ digital skills.

    First term looks at the usual programs but in unusual ways.  Students learn about human user design and how we now interact with technology. Students will look deeper at how data moves around and understanding the differences in hardware and software.

    Second term of this elective is focussed on programming using the script language, Python. Students learn the language but also the difference between good and bad code, different programming environments and writing their own program as a final project.

    This elective is for students who are:

    • Interested in expanding and improving their current level of digital skills
    • Interested in Programming
    • Thinking about doing Applied Computing in VCE
    • Interested in a design or digital career
    • Interested in building games
  • SIX PERIOD: Fashion and Design | Design and Technologies

    Curriculum Contribution: $45

    Would you like to design your own clothes or know how to make or alter clothes? Are you interested in Fashion and understanding how designers work? Are you interested in how Fashion has developed over the past century?

    If you are, then Fashion and Design is for you.

    In this unit you will transfer the theoretical knowledge to practical activities across a range of projects. You will be introduced to traditional and technical sewing skills as you make a pair of shorts/pyjamas. You will use your creativity to generate designs for these and transfer these designs into the production stage by following a Commercial pattern and sewing instructions. You will also be introduced to some forms of creative textiles, such as fabric painting, dying, embroidery, etc. You will also study how fashion has progressed through the decades and research fashion designers.

    This subject will lead to Year 10 Fashion and Design > VCE Product Design and Technology > VCE Art Making and Exhibiting.

  • SIX PERIOD: PE and Health | Health and PE

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    Are you looking to continue your PE journey by exploring a wide range of sports throughout the semester? In this, opportunities for all PE subject, you’ll get to participate in the biggest range of sports we have on offer at Rowville SC. You’ll play Invasion Sports like basketball, soccer, netball and AFL plus many more. Try your hand at Net & Court Sports such as badminton, tennis, table tennis, etc. Get out on the field of play with Striking Sports like cricket and softball. Explore Target sports including golf, fencing, bocce, darts and lawn bowls. To compliment this amazing PE program, you’ll build on your health knowledge with a deeper look at improving healthy lifestyle behaviours of a teenager.

  • SIX PERIOD: Tournament Sports and Health | Health and PE

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    Are you highly motivated and skilled in many sports? Do you have a competitive edge and love to compete for glory? In Tournament Sports you will get to showcase your talents by competing in many sporting competitions. You’ll be in charge of planning and running the events as you take on various rolls such as captain, coach, umpire, scorer, tournament director and so on. This PE subject requires students who are self-motivated and keen to take learning into their own hands and of course, those that love a bit of healthy competition. To compliment this exciting new PE program, you’ll build on your health knowledge with a deeper look at improving healthy lifestyle behaviours of a teenager.

  • A Media Odyssey | Broad Arts

    Students will gain an understanding of new technologies that are at the forefront of media productions such as green screen, 6K mirror-less cameras, sensor technology, 3D, animation, 3D modelling, and game-based technologies. Students will experiment with technology in interactive and online media. This subject will expose students to industry standard production. Students will get the chance to connect with industry partners to create media works for an authentic audience. Students with interests across the entire field of Arts will be able to bring their passions and strengths into the subject. They will develop skills in software and hardware that will embolden their creativity. Students will be able to refine their speciality while working alongside others in a team-based collaboration, connecting to the real-world industry process.

  • Art in History | Broad Arts

    This course asks students to see the world through the eyes of artists. The Arts reflect society. They are the first area consulted when learning the history of cultures and peoples because they present through context, the great events and ideas of the times in tandem with all areas of the human experience. These works transcend language barriers and broaden our understanding of the people of different times and cultures. We will be looking at historical events of the 20th century that have impacted the social and political times, and discuss how these have been presented in the visual and performing arts.

  • Creative Audio Production | Broad Arts

    In Creative Audio Production students get hands-on experience learning the process of creating, recording, producing and mixing original music. Students will develop their understanding of recording studio processes such as microphone types, recording techniques, the stereo field, and general studio decorum. In the production phase students will focus on writing and editing with digital audio workstations (Ableton Live and/or Garageband), using plugins for world-class sound production, and mixing recordings for public release. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn practical skills in how music can be written, recorded and produced for a range of media including film, podcasts, Youtube, and traditional popular music. No prior musical instrument skill is required, but a passion for sound and music is a must.

  • Dance Styles | Broad Arts

    In this elective students will explore a range of dance styles from different times and cultures. They will learn a range of technical skills and movements as well as developing a basic understanding of the history and context of each style. Students will apply their understanding and knowledge and build their own choreographic skills as they produce a range of different dance works in various dance styles. The students will also develop a strong kinaesthetic awareness and muscle memory as they learn different dance works in their exploration of dance styles

  • Food As Art | Broad Arts

    Students will explore and extend their creativity as they learn the art of cookery. In this elective, students will learn the safety and hygiene as they prepare themselves to be creative in the kitchen. Students will explore decorations and develop their own cover for a Food magazine. They will follow the ‘Design Process’ to investigate, design, generate ideas and produce their delicious dish and then become the production managers as they photograph and shoot their cover.

    This elective is designed for students who wish to extend their knowledge of cooking, whilst exploring their creative flair.

  • Industry Collab | Broad Arts

    In Industry Collab students are required to work beyond the classroom to engage with the arts community, industry and issues (community and /or industry). Students will develop their understanding of real-world community and/or industry arts practices as well as developing the soft skills required to be a practicing artist in any field. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to engage with the broader community, to seek and document industry engagement or to bring demanding extra-curricular activities into the classroom.

  • Musical Theatre | Broad Arts

    In Musical Theatre students will learn the basics of dance and in a Broadway style and explore how to create characters for the stage. Students will develop their technical dance skills through practically engaging in a variety of technique classes and learning choreographed routines. They will develop acting techniques and understand how to manipulate their expressive skills to create a range of characters. They will learn Musical Theatre history and discover a variety of musicals from the golden oldies to this year’s Tony Award winners. This course is designed for all ability levels and to cater for those performers who want to hone their acting and movement skills.

  • Screen Acting | Broad Arts

    In this elective, students will develop their skills and understanding in screen acting in front of and behind the camera. They will explore and study a range of films and actors that use a range of different acting techniques to create and realise multiple roles. Students will learn the art of understated acting and how this contrasts to stage acting. This subject provides students with the opportunity to rehearse, memorise and present a range of scripts in front of a camera. These performances will be recorded for students to watch their work back for self critique and to use this to further develop their screen acting skills. As well as performing in front of the camera, students will learn the basics of how to operate a camera to film one another. While this elective does not require any prior acting experience, it does require hard work and dedication to get the best out of this class.

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