Year 10

Rowville Sports Academy – Course Selection Guidelines Year 10

Students in Year 10 will complete four four period elective subjects for the year – two per semester.

Students will also undertake two six period electives per year – one per semester.

If students or their parents have any questions about subject selections they should discuss these with their Learning Mentor.


Four Period Electives

  • Students must choose from LOTE (year long) and vocational (year long),  humanities, technology, science and arts.
  • Pick 4 electives, 2 per semester.

Six Period Electives

  • Students must select from arts, technology and VCE accelerated subjects.
  • Pick 2 electives, 1 per semester.


Students will be required to select a Mathematics stream to prepare for Year 11 and 12 studies. Students will make this choice based on their planned pathway and teacher recommendation.

  • Foundation: suits students who plan to study VCE Foundation Mathematics/VCAL Numeracy or
    no Maths in Year 11.
  • General: suits students who plan to study General Mathematics in VCE.
  • Methods: suits students who plan to study VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.


Students in Year 10 who are:

  • intending on pursuing a USA Pathway.
  • NOT selecting a FULL YEAR of Humanities and a FULL YEAR of Science at BOTH Year 9 and 10 (in the 4 period electives).

Please consult with Tamie Harvey in order to ensure that USA Pathway requirements are met. Click here >>

VCE Acceleration Subjects  >>

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  • FOUR PERIOD: Drama: Page to Stage | Arts

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    In Page to Stage: Scripting Drama, students will learn the structures and conventions behind scripting drama, as well as develop their dramaturgical perspectives. They will devise solo and group pieces in an array of theatrical styles, and transform these from concept to script to performance.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Visual Communication and Design: Creating Visual Worlds | Arts

    Curriculum Contribution: $45

    This subject focuses on creating a range of visual art works by exploring a variety of themes, issues and ideas through the elements and principles of art and design. Students will experiment with and apply skills relevant to various materials, techniques and processes, such as technical and freehand drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. In their responses to various design briefs, selected artists and their works, students learn to analyse visual art works by understanding the characteristics and role of art and design within different cultures and history.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Digital Technology | Design and Technologies

    In this elective student investigate why so many companies want so many details about us.  They will look at the collection of data, such as social media, and what companies do with. They will also look at how it is process, the so called “Big Data”. What does it mean? How big is “Big Data”?

    Student will also examine privacy laws. Has the law kept up with the technology? Is it specific enough? What happens if a company breaks a law in another country? Whose laws do they follow? Who prosecutes global companies?

    Finally, students will learn about networks. Students will consider the different hardware involved in setting up a network.  What is the difference between local and global networks? What is the Internet really and who owns it? What is travelling along the miles of cable and through the ether? What’s the big deal about fibre optic cable really? How do we keep our data safe?

    This elective will prepare students who are considering pursuing a digital career or simply looking to understand the expanding digital world that we now live in.  The demand for workers with digital skills will only increase in the future and regardless of your choice career pathway, increasing your digital skills and understanding will prepare your well for what is to come.

    This elective is for:

    • The Computer Scientist!
    • The Data Analyst!
    • The Media Analyst!
    • The IT Specialist!
    • The Web Designer!
    • The Networks Specialist!
    • The Cyber Security Analyst!
    • The Cryptographer!
  • FOUR PERIOD: Game Development | Design and Technologies

    Curriculum Contribution: $25

    Minimum requirements: Device must a minimum of 8Gb of RAM and 256Gb hard drive, 512 Gb hard drive recommended. Software is free for educational purposes.

    Students use the Unreal Engine software, a commercial level program developed by Epic Games, to create their own 1st or 3rd person computer game.  Students will be introduced to human user design concepts and the design cycle, advanced block coding, and geometric and Physics concepts that are applied in virtual worlds.

    Stage one involves students building their own environment in the theme of their game, creating landscapes and buildings that their avatar can move through referred to as White Boxing.  In the second phase, students learn how to create objects to place in the game that the avatar can interact with such as health pickups, bombs, moving platforms and opening and closing doors.

    Students are given checkpoints along the way for completion of certain tasks and will have a timeline that they have to keep to, to ensure completion of the project within the semester. At the end of the subject students should have produced a fully interactive game with a playable level and start and finish screen.

    This course is for:

    • Students who enjoy creating their own world
    • Students who are imaginative
    • Students who enjoy gaming
    • Student who are interested in higher order digital skills
  • FOUR PERIOD: Business and Economics – Risky Business: Making Money | Humanities

    Ever wonder how the rich get richer? Do you know the background of successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk? Join us as we investigate the secrets of success of famous entrepreneurs and reflect on how their success can inspire our success through exploration of entrepreneurial skills, effective advertising strategies, and technological advancements. Have you been mining bitcoin? Have you been curious about the share market? Investing is the way of the future! Join us as we play a game of high-risk and high reward.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Geography – Greener Lifestyles, Greater Happiness | Humanities

    What are the real consequences of environmental change? Does it really matter if we cut down the rainforests? How do melting icesheets affect you? Go on a journey of environmental exploration and find out the true impacts of environmental management. Evaluate different responses to environmental change and predict the consequences of our environmental plans. Discover how much your environment influences human wellbeing. What life would be like if you grew up in the USA? Does where you live really influence your happiness? Unearth how our government Is responsible for human wellbeing and how your wellbeing is influenced by our environment and natural resources.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Legal Studies- Power Games: Law & Politics | Humanities

    Do you wonder why Putin was able to invade the Ukraine? Have you ever wondered what is in the United Nations’ “Declaration of Human Rights”, or questioned Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers or Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples? You will explore the wide world of international laws and global politics. You will use analysing and evaluation skills to determine who has power and who is powerless and why. You will investigate Australia’s political system and look at case studies involving the rights of asylum seekers and Indigenous Australians, as well as the international treaties and declarations that Australia is obligated to follow.

  • FOUR PERIOD: The Changing Face of Weaponry and Warfare | Humanities

    Have you ever wondered how and why the world went from the sword to armed drones? Are you interested in investigating the ethics of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare? Follow the evolution of weaponry and warfare and the cultural, technological, military and geographic factors that lead to change. Investigate the devastating effects of the trebuchet, the Atom Bomb and Agent Orange. Explore the fascinating world of spy craft and the weapons designed for MI6, the KGB and CIA. Dive into the future and predict what will happen. We will see weapons like Iron Man? Join us and find out!

  • FOUR PERIOD: The Original Influencers | Humanities

    Before Tik Tok and the Kardashians, there were people who influenced the world, both infamous and famous. Take a look at both historical and modern figures who have brought change to society through terror, politics and trendsetting. Join us as we explore how and why Vlad the Impaler became a such a figure of fear that he inspired the legend of Dracula. Let’s look at the power ploys of Cleopatra and popularity of Marylin Monroe. How did Doug Nicholls rise from AFL legend to Governor of South Australia? Let’s investigate the changes LGBTQI+ activist Harvey Milk created. How can one person create so much change and effect so many people? Join the journey to find out about the original influencers.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Biology | Science

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    This semester based elective course is designed to give students a taste of the topics covered in VCE Biology. Students will explore topics such as cellular structure and function, including a focus on biomacromolecules and their importance in supporting life. They will investigate how DNA and genes transfer information from one generation to another, focusing in on patterns of inheritance and how traits can be passed on from parents to offspring. They will examine the theory of evolution by natural selection and how this explains the diversity of living things found on our planet. Students conduct scientific studies and formulate hypotheses, collect and analyse data. As well as an increased understanding of scientific processes, students develop capacities that enable them to critically assess the strengths and limitations of science, respect evidence-based conclusions and gain an awareness of the ethical, social and political contexts of scientific endeavours.

    This subject is highly recommended for any students wanting to continue with VCE Biology.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Chemistry | Science

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    This semester based elective course is designed to give students a taste of the topics covered in VCE Chemistry. Students will be exploring topics that include; subatomic particles and structures, trends in the periodic table, models of chemical bonding, qualitative and quantitative chemical reactions, redox reactions and organic chemistry. Students will develop their understanding of experimentation and application of chemical concepts through completing and modifying practical activities. Students will develop capacities that enable them to critically assess the strengths and limitations of science, respect evidence-based conclusions and gain an awareness of the ethical, social and political contexts of scientific endeavours.

    This subject is highly recommended for any students wanting to continue with VCE Chemistry.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Physics | Science

    Curriculum Contribution: $20

    This semester based elective course is designed to give students a taste of the topics covered in VCE Physics. Students will explore topics such as how heat transfers from hot to cold objects. They will investigate the wave nature of light and sound, and learn about the basics of electric circuits. Students will explore the concepts behind Newton’s laws of motion and how energy, forces and motion all interact. Students will conduct scientific investigations and formulate hypotheses, collect, and analyse data. They will develop critical scientific communication skills and think deeply about the ethical considerations of experiments. Students will incorporate their mathematical skills when solving equations relating to the physical world.

    This subject is highly recommended for any students wanting to continue with VCE Physics.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Psychology | Science

    This semester based elective course is designed to give students a taste of the topics covered in VCE Psychology. Students will explore topics such as how information transfers from sensory to our long-term memory. They will describe different ways to learn, such as through Classical and Operant conditioning, and Observational Learning. Students will describe mental health, mental health problems and specific mental health disorders and their characteristics. Lastly, they will explain how people experience different stages of NREM/ REM sleep throughout the night. Students conduct scientific studies and formulate hypotheses, collect and analyse data. Students develop capacities that enable them to critically assess the strengths and limitations of science, respect evidence-based conclusions and gain an awareness of the ethical considerations when performing research on human/living subjects.

    This subject is highly recommended for any students wanting to continue with VCE Psychology.

  • FOUR PERIOD: STEM | Science

    Curriculum Contribution $25.00

    This semester based elective course in STEM gives students exposure to the importance of Design Thinking through designing collaborative and individual projects that solve real world problems. Students will use and advance their skills in the four key areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the first term and then use these skills to further their own Personal Interest Project in the second term. Students will be exposed to various technologies such as 3D printing, Scratch coding, VR/AR, robotics, and Apps with the aim of incorporating these into projects and assessments. Students will also be exposed to various elements of the Scientific Method such as variables, controls, data representation and analysis and supported to use this in experiments and experimental design.

    By combining elements of Design Think to engineering and the Scientific Method to projects and/or research students will be challenged to investigate, design, and build their Interest Projects and then to present them and refine them for their final assessment.

  • FOUR PERIOD: Getting ready for the workforce | Vocational

    Do you want the opportunity to undertake work experience? Do you want to be better prepared for part time work or a vocational pathway in your future?
    This year long elective will give you the work related skills to make your resume stand out. You will be able to get a taste for the industries and careers that interest you and to begin the journey to toward the skills, knowledge and certifications to get you there. Students undertaking this course have exclusive access to opportunities such as:

    • Work experience
    • White Card Training
    • TAFE Taster experiences
    • Professional Portfolio/Resume Development
    • *This elective is creditable for units 1 and 2 of WRS in VCE (Vocational Major). Please students interested in an SBAT pathway are highly recommended to undertake this program.
  • SIX PERIOD: Dystopian Worlds | English

    Students will explore the genre of dystopian fiction, what it offers readers and how it connects to the contemporary world. They will analyse texts in order to develop a greater understanding of the conventions of the genre in terms of characters, themes, ideas and narrative structure. Connections between dystopian writing and other fiction genres will progress student knowledge of the writing process. This elective will offer students the ability to develop their literacy, analytical and verbal skills further, preparing themselves to enter VCE English the following year.

    *This is a Year 10 Semester Two English Elective.

  • SIX PERIOD: Myth and Meaning | English

    Students will explore a range of classic and contemporary forms of literature with a focus on mythology and the origins of storytelling. They will develop an understanding of the way a range of literary texts have been constructed and how each connects to the world today. Students will read and respond to the texts through close analysis and creative responses, they will also collaborate with in depth discussions and passage focused analysis. This elective is designed as an introduction to VCE Literature as a future pathway.

    *This is a Year 10 Semester Two English Elective.

  • SIX PERIOD: Power of Protest | English

    The Power of Protest unit will allow students to look closely at the power of language to reshape the future. Students will engage in a variety of protest texts across written, verbal and multimodal forms and examine how words and sentences can evoke emotional responses and actions. They will develop an understanding of how language can create connections and unite people and apply this knowledge to their own protest piece. This elective is designed as an introduction to VCE English Language as a future pathway.

    *This is a Year 10 Semester Two English Elective.

  • SIX PERIOD: Media: Sports Broadcasting and Sports Photography | Arts

    Curriculum Contribution: $30

    This subject allows students to use our brand-new media studio to write, film and edit their own sports show. This could be in the format of their own sports comedy show, or a serious analysis of their favourite sport. Students will also have the option of creating their own sports podcast with access to known sportspeople in the Melbourne community to interview and feature. Students will also learn how to take amazing action shots with telephoto lenses.

  • SIX PERIOD: Music: Stage and Beyond | Arts

    Curriculum Contribution: $30

    Considering music subjects for Year 11 and 12? “Music: Stage and Beyond” is the pathway to prepare you for the challenge and fun of music in senior years.  You will be studying topics like performance, music theory, aural training, music analysis and composition. You will develop your confidence in ensemble and solo performance through songs and works in styles that interest you and are ideal for your instrument. By the end of this course, you’ll know if you’ve got what it takes to take on VCE Music or VET Music Performance.

  • SIX PERIOD: Fashion and Design | Design and Technologies

    Curriculum Contribution: $65

    Would you like to design your own clothes or know how to make or alter clothes? Are you interested in Fashion and understanding how designers work? Are you interested in knowing what colours and clothing styles suit you?

    If you are, then Fashion and Design is for you.

    In this unit you will transfer theoretical knowledge to practical activities across a range of projects. You will be introduced to traditional and technical sewing skills as you make a hoodie/jumper. You will use your creativity to generate designs for these projects and transfer these designs to the production stage by following a Commercial pattern and sewing instructions. You will also be introduced to different forms of creative textiles, such as fabric painting, tie- dying, embroidery, etc. You will also look at body shapes and colours to determine what styles and colours suit individuals.

    This subject will lead to VCE Product Design and Technology and VCE Art Making and Exhibiting.

  • SIX PERIOD: Wide World of Food | Design and Technologies

    Curriculum Contribution: $135

    Do you want to: Know where your food originated from? Why we cook food? Be able to cater for different dietary requirements?

    The aim of this unit is to develop your knowledge about how the Australian cuisine has evolved over time. You will further fine tune your independence and confidence preparing healthy meals in the kitchen. You will learn about the scientific changes that take place in foods through different food preparation methods. You will investigate the importance of safety and hygiene in the kitchen to prevent food poisoning. You will continue to use the design process to problem solve and find solutions to a design brief.

  • SIX PERIOD: Sports Science | Health and PE

    Curriculum Contribution TBC

    How can you create the most force when hitting or throwing a ball? What is the most effective way to train for an event? Do sports drinks really work? All these questions and more will be explored in this brand-new PE elective. Every year, all over the world, billions of dollars are spent on developing the latest and best equipment and techniques to improve sporting performance. In this practical based subject you will explore the science behind sporting performance with a look at biomechanics, sports nutrition, training principles, fitness assessment, sports psychology, technological advancements in equipment, plus many more. The theory content with be explored in practical PE classes where you will get to see the theories in action. This is also a great pathway for students wanting to do VCE Physical Education. To compliment this engaging new PE program, you’ll build on your health knowledge with a deeper look at improving healthy lifestyle behaviours of a teenager.



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